Introducing Our White Jeep, the Molar!

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When I’m not busy working with patients and my dental team, I love hanging out with my family and going on fun Jeep rides. Because of that, I just bought a white Mojave Jeep, aka “The Molar”! I’m excited to blog about what The Molar is “grinding” through to bring you along for the ride.

I recently went out with Dave Martin from Zion Country Off-Road Tours and he helped me learn to drive the Molar. This white jeep will soon have funny things on it to make you smile (and if you have any suggestions, just let us know on our Facebook page.)

We had our inaugural run at Sand Hollow, and here are some cool pictures and a quick video so you can see why we’re so excited. We even found a spooky tarantula for Halloween!

We invite you to let us know what the Molar needs and follow “The Molar” on our Facebook page for prizes and more!